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Kasumi Mogi
UtsuroNoHako Kasumi.jpg
Kanji 茂木 霞
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Status Alive
Box Type Internal
Other Information

The girl who has won Kazuki’s heart. She is docile, silent and expressionless.


Mogi is described as a beautiful girl, with brown hair and brown eyes. 


Kasumi Mogi is an extremely quiet girl. She doesn't change her facial expression often and shows little emotion making it hard to see what she is feeling or thinking. 


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details about the novels.

Kasumi Mogi lived a normal life going to school, however she was always depressed. She never showed any emotions herself, she always forced a smile onto her face, and was never happy. She thought everyone else must be faking it too. She thought nobody would ever notice her, until one day a boy ran towards her after she left school. He asked if she was okay, because she seemed bothered. Mogi denied anything bothering her, but at the same time she fell in love with this boy who noticed that her smile was fake. This boy was Kazuki Hoshino.

Kasumi Mogi is the owner of the box that creates the recurring classroom in the first volume. Prior to being confronted by 'O' and obtaining the box, she was hit by a truck, entering in critical health condition. Falling in love with Kazuki, she had finally found a reason to keep living; she wasn't ready to die just yet. In order to be able to confess to Kazuki, she wished for the Recurring Classroom.