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Kakone Kirino
UtsuroNoHako Kokone.jpg
Kanji 桐野 心音
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Status Alive
Other Information

A bright and beautiful girl who cares a lot for her friends, but is meddlesome at times. She and Daiya have known each other since childhood, and their mutual verbal abuse has become legendary amongst their classmates ever since.


Kokone has brown eyes, and long, brown hair that she often ties into a ponytail.


Kokone is a very outgoing person. She often gets a kick out of teasing Kazuki, Haruaki and Daiya, who often tease her back.


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Kokone and Daiya have been together since they were very young and often make fun of each other, but have displayed affection towards the other one. After the fake Kazuki hurts Kokone's feelings, Daiya gives Kazuki a piece of his mind in order to protect her.