Sevennight in the Mud
Release Date September 10, 2009
Volume Number 2
Previous Volume Volume 1
Next Volume Volume 3

Riko Asami, a timid girl, as well as a fan of Aya, despises her life and has an ambition to replace Kazuki, who is the one closest to the Maria. Upon doing so, she obtains the box "Sevennight in Mud". Gradually, she possesses Kazuki's body for an increasing amount of time each attempt. Her brother, Ryuu Miyazaki, helps her do this by setting up situations where they can ruin Kazuki's life when he is possessed. Daiya Oomine, in the midst of it, had gotten immensely protective of Kokone Kirino when Kazuki, who was possessed, intentionally yet unintentionally confessed to her. Unfortunately, none of Kazuki's feelings from the Rejecting Classroom remain. Those were memories that he can view objectively, but he can't feel them. Eventually, it's revealed that she is Ryuu Miyazaki's brother, having a divorced mother and a new father-in-law. Because she was in such despair, she and her brother, Ryuu Miyazaki, killed their mother and her new lover. Later, she wanted to replace Kazuki as the one who is most close to Maria, obtains the box, "Sevennight in Mud". However, the siblings realize they still have each other despite their mentally torn family. Riko willingly gives up the box, and Miyazaki is sentenced to prison for murder.

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