Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria Wiki
Yuuri Yanagi
Kanji 柳 悠里
Age 18
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status Alive
Box Type Internal
Other Information

The second smartest student and Iroha Shindou's friend, she was a player in Game of Idleness. She was made into a servant by Daiya Oomine's Shadow of Sin and Punishment, out of her guilt of betraying Kazuki Hoshino in Game of Idleness and her betrayals to Iroha. She falls in love for Kazuki during Game of Idleness and continues to pursue her love to him.


Yuuri is portrayed as a coward crybaby who relies on her best friend Iroha Shindou in Volume Three. However when it eventually comes to her "turn", she flips her switch, turning out to be a mastermind in the shadows, not only in hiding her emotions but in manipulating others. She is ruthless and willing to do anything to survive, seen in her cold-blooded murder of Iroha Shindou. Despite this, she is still kindhearted and loving(Probably because her life isn't at risk), falling for Kazuki after Volume 4, and reconnecting with Shindou within Kazuki's round.